We integrate audio, video, lighting, and automation systems.

As an integrator, we assist businesses and municipalities in integrating all media and control systems for users.

Sound designer

We work with top-notch acoustical engineering to provide an ideal user experience.


As a reseller of Fohhn Audio AG sound reinforcement systems, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions to meet the most demanding requirements.


We conduct our acoustic simulations on 3D plans to achieve the perfect installation regardless of the location.


We work with pioneers in beam steering technology. This technology allows for the direction of audio beams, expanding the scope of application.


We work with the top European brands and provide you with the benefits of their patented technologies.

All sizes for all applications:

The user interface is paramount; the user should be able to operate the system without any technical knowledge required.


We are certified in Cestron, QSC, Lutron, Symetrix, Sonos, and many others. These skills enable us to handle the most complex and extensive requests. Let us accompany you in your projects. With cloud-based systems, we can provide 24/7 remote assistance, both in preventive maintenance by detecting anomalies early for prompt resolution.


Empower your collaborators with perfect control of your systems. Whether it's the head waiter, the concierge, or yourself, no one should have to deal with the advanced settings of your systems. That's why we create custom, simplified, and automated interfaces to prevent the risk of errors and ensure long-term reliability while remaining scalable.


Simple: assign each zone its music and volume, manually or automatically. Ensure announcements are always audible thanks to our gain compensation systems, and let the volume of your background music evolve automatically based on the traffic in your establishment. Don't waste any more time and focus on what really matters.

Scope of appplication:

Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, and Club

The sound atmosphere is crucial for a high-end establishment such as star-rated hotels, and even more so for relaxation or entertainment venues like bars and clubs. We design acoustic studies to approach perfection in terms of reproducing your music, whether it's recorded or played live. With our discreet and high-end systems, your clients will perceive a difference without even knowing where it comes from.

Theater and Opera

Discreetly soundproofing is an art in itself. Our systems adapt to the architectural constraints of your buildings thanks to a wide range of customizable column speakers and an exclusive technology of sound dispersion controlled by computer. Our installations faithfully preserve the essence of the artistic intention, transmitting with the greatest clarity every nuance of the orchestra and the words spoken on stage.

Sports complex

When the sound is exceptional, the communion between spectators and the passion that unites them brings even more life to sporting events. From small sports venues to multipurpose halls and even the largest stadiums, our installations provide all the power and dynamism needed for the broadcast of recorded or live music.

Businesses and Meeting Rooms

Meetings, presentations, speeches, and debates always depend on the clarity of their sound reproduction. Our systems offer high intelligibility and flexibility that effortlessly adapt to the venue. Compact, discreet, or even concealed speakers, advanced configuration options are all guarantees that the message is always heard.

Education, Conferences, and Institutional

Whether installed to provide sound in a classroom, a sporting event, debates in town halls, or parliament, the reliability of our installations is ensured through high-quality amplifiers and a custom wall-mounted or wireless control system, regardless of the end user's skills.

Case study :

Weather-resistant speaker with a PU coating for outdoor applications without compromise.

Touch panel User Interface

Sound system control interface with advanced functions. Don't hesitate to contact us to discover all integration possibilities.

Signage and lighting

Signage, dynamic touch screen and interactive white boards.

Interactive Whiteboard

Signage for hospitality

Integration of interior decorative LED lighting for bars and restaurants layout.

Architectural Building Lighting